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                1. 英语语法考点系列训练(一):名词

                  英语试题 时间:2013-03-28 我要投稿
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                    I. 选择填空

                    (   )1.?Can I help you?

                        ?I’d like    for my twin daughters.

                    A. two pair of shoes  B. two pairs of shoe  C. two pair of shoe  D. two pairs of shoes

                    (   )2.Jenny’s shoes were worn out. She wanted to buy a new·  .

                    A. shoe·      B. shoes·     C. one·· D. pair

                    (   )3.Is it about · from Jixi to Harbin?

                    A. ten hours’ train    B. ten hour’s train   C. ten hours’ trains   D. ten hours train

                    (   )4.·  team in No. 4 Middle School used to help·  with their training.

                    A. Boys’, the girls  B Boy’s, the girl  C. The boys’, the girls  D. The boy’s, the girl

                    (   )5.Liu Xiang,21,is an Olympic winner in the · hurdles(跨栏).We’re proud of him.

                    A.110-metre·  B.110-metres    C.110 metre·   D.110 metres

                    (   )6.The guide has· . She will show them to us.

                    A. some old paper   B. some special food  C. a new jacket  D. some beautiful pictures

                    (   )7.-What class are you in, Mike?

                         -I’m in · .

                    A. Grade Three, Class Two      B. Class Two, Grade Three

                    C. class two, grade three·  D. grade three, class two

                    (   )8.Nobody thought it easy to finish so much work in · .

                    A. two days’ time  B. two-days time  C. two day’s time  D. two days time

                    (   )9.?My prize is different from·  .

                         ?But· is the same as mine.

                    A. Dick;yours  B. Dick’s;yours  C. Dick’s;your  D. Dick’s;yours

                    (   )10.?Do you know the woman over there?

                         ?Yes. She’s·  aunt.

                    A. Lily and Lucy  B. Lily’s and Lucy’s  C. Lily’s and Lucy  D. Lily and Lucy’s

                    (   )11.Don’t make so much · .The baby is sleeping.

                    A. things· B. mistakes      C. voice·  D. noise

                    (   )12.-How far is it from your home to the school?

                         -It’s about·  .

                    A.10 minutes walk  B.10 minute’s walk  C.10-minutes walk  D.10 minutes’ walk

                    (   )13.?Can I help you, sir?

                         ?Yes, I’d like five·  and some peas.

                    A. potato·   B. tomatoes      C. meat·   D. banana

                    (   )14.There are a lot of·  down there but hardly any·  .

                    A. sheeps, people  B. sheep, people   C. sheeps, persons  D. sheep, peoples

                    (   )15.There are some·  on the ground.

                    A. leafs·    B. leaf·     C. water·    D. leaves

                    (    ) 16. All the foot of the hill you could hear nothing but the _____of the running water.

                    A. shout·   B. noise·    C. voice·    D. sound

                    (    )17. Are there many _________on the farm?

                    A. horse·   B. duck·    C. chicken·  D. sheep

                    (    )18. Lao She is the ________ of Tea House.

                    A. doctor·  B. actor·    C. scientist·  D. writer

                    (    )19. ―How many ______ are there in the box?

                         ―There is only one.

                    A. potato·   B. potatoes· C. tomatos·  D. radioes

                    (    )20. I'm hungry, could I please have ______.

                    A. a cup of tea··· B. four pieces of bread

                    C. two glasses of water·      D. three bottles of milk

                    II. 根据句意、英文释义和首字母提示,写出各单词的正确形式(每空一词)。

                    1. Many foreigners enjoy Chinese m      (round cakes)on Mid-autumn Day.

                    2.It takes us thirty m· to read English or Chinese in the morning.

                    3. The poor people who received money from Bill Gates thanked him for his g      .

                    4.Ms Zhao works in our school library. She is one of the most popular · .

                    5.I don’t know his a       in Beijing, so I can’t write to him.

                    6.The headmaster met the foreign visitors at the e· to the school.

                    7.The boat can take us to the only i· in the middle of the lake.

                    8.The shortest month of the year is F· .

                    9.Winter is my favourite s· because I can go swimming.

                    10.?Excuse me, Mr Jenkins. Could I borrow your car?

                    ?Sure! Here is the k· .


                    1.You can see a lot of       (风景)along the seaside in Qingdao.

                    2.The engineer spoke highly of the       (专家的)invention. He told us it had taken them two years to invent it.

                    3.It’s only about an       (小时)flight from Qingdao to Beijing by air.

                    4.?Dad, where are my        (运动鞋)?I can’t find them.

                    ?I’m sorry, dear. Go and ask your mother for help.

                    5.He wrote a lot about his       (经历)as a country teacher.

                    6.John won the first prize in the diving       (竞赛).

                    7.The increasing population may be one of the greatest· (挑战)in the world.

                    8.There are· (百万)of books in the city library.

                    9.I think Waikiki is one of the best       (海滩)in Honolulu.

                    10.They have had several· (讨论)about how to improve the old machine, but they haven’t had a good idea.


                    1.When he saw the boy was in danger, Edison rushed out and carried him to       (safe).

                    2.Feng Ai’s love and·  will always be remembered by her students and their parents in Yunnan.(kind)

                    3.Look at the map. Guilin is in the· (northern)of Guangxi.

                    4.I’m a new·  (come).Let me introduce myself to you.

                    5.More and more foreign·  (visit)are interested in Nanning City.

                    6.Two · (hour) ride is not so long.

                    7.Could you cut the pear into two·  (half)?

                    8.Olease take the second · (turn) on the right.

                    9.Many · (travel) come to visit Hainan every year.

                    10.Several · (Frenchman) and·  (German) visited our school last Friday.


                    I. 1-5DDACA  6-10 DCBCD  11-15 ADDDC  16-18 DDDBB

                    II.1.mooncakes 2.minutes 3.generosity/generosities 4.librarians 5.address 6.entrance 7.island 8.February 9.season 10.key

                    Ⅲ.1.scenery  2.experts’  3.hour’s  4.sports shoes/running shoes/sneakers  5.experie 6.competition7.challenges 8.millions 9.beaches 10.discussions

                    Ⅳ.1.safety 2.kindness 3.north 4.comer 5.visitors 6.hours’  7.halves  8.turning  9.travellers 10.Frenchmen,Germans