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                1. 新概念英語第二冊綜合水平測試(二)


                  時間:2013-03-28 英語試題


                  1.He      an autobiography last year but I don’t know whether he has finished it.

                  A.wrote· B.was writing      C.had written      D.has written

                  2.―Is the book interesting?

                  ―Yes, but I’m sure it won’t interest·

                  A.everybody   B.somebody· C.anybody·   D.nobody

                  3.―Would you have written to her had it been possible?

                  ―Yes, but I·  busy with my work.

                  A.was·  B.were·      C.had been·  D.would be

                  4.―He says he has an uncle living in America.

                  ―Nonsense.·  ,His father has no brother.

                  A.More or less···    B.As a matter of fact  

                  C.No matter what he says·· D.At least

                  5.―What did you see?

                  ―We saw·  police there.

                  A.many     B.much     C.plenty     D.the

                  6.―Harry treats his secretary badly.

                  ―Yes. He seems to think that she is the      important person in the office.

                  A.hardly· B.least· C.less· D.most

                  7.―Shall I book a table for the dinner?

                  ―· . The restaurant won’t be full this evening.

                  A.Yes, you may··    B.No, you mustn’t

                  C.No, you needn’t··  D.I’d rather not

                  8.―Thank you for a wonderful meal.


                  A.No, really. It’s all right·· B.Thank you all the same

                  C.The same to you··      D.I’m glad you enjoyed it

                  9.―Excuse me, would you mind passing me that English-Chinese dictionary?

                  ―Sorry, it’s·  my reach.

                  A.over      B.within· C.far away· D.beyond

                  10.―Tom tried hard to find a good job in this newspaper office, but he had no·  

                  A.chance·  B.time·  C.money     



                  Once upon a time, bee-keepers killed their bees every autumn. Why, you 1 ask? Well, the answer is this: to tet some 2. Bee-deepers and farmers used to 3 small wooden boxes in a corner of the farmyard. Bees would come and 4 the box with honeycomb. 5, there was no way of getting the honey out 6 killing the bees. So they used to burn a chemical 7 the box in order to kill the bees and then take the honey.

                  Now, bee-keepers 8 beehives to collect honey. In the beehive there are a number of wooden 9 with spaces between them 10 can be lifted out. In later summer, the squares which are now 11 of honeycomb are lifted out. The squares are put in 12 special machine and turned round and round very fast for several minutes. Turning the squares round and round 12this 14 out the honey. Then the honey is collected and 15jars. After that the empty squares are returned to the hive for the bees to fill with honey the following year.

                  Bees need food to live 16 the winter, That’s why they make honey. Bee-keepers can do one of 17things. Either they can leave 18 of the honey in the hive for the bees to eat during the winter. Or else they can 19 all the honey and provide the bees with a mixture of sugar and water for the bees to eat 20.

                  1. A.can





                  2. A.honey





                  3. A.put in

                   B.put away 

                   C.put ahead

                   D.put out


                  4. A.fill





                  5. A.Still





                  6. A.for





                  7. A.on





                  8. A.need





                  9. A.squares





                  10. A.many





                  11. A.full





                  12. A.the





                  13. A.for





                  14. A.forces





                  15 A.led into

                   B.brought into

                   C.poured into

                   D.flown into


                  16. A.through





                  17. A.two





                  18. A.any





                  19. A.cover





                  20. A.since






                  Tom Green spent his 114th birthday the other day and some reporters visited him to find out the secret of a long life.

                  “The secret of a long life is happiness,” Green said. “If you are happy, you will live a long time.”

                  “Are you married?” a reporter asked. “Yes,” Green answered. “I married my third wife when I was 102. If you are happily married, you will live better. But for my third wife, I would have died years ago.”

                  “What about smoking and drinking?” another reporter asked. “Yes, they are important,” Green said. “Don’t smoke at all and you will feel well. Drink two glasses of wine a day and you will be healthy and happy. ”

                  1.      Some reporters visited Green because

                  A.he did something peculiar·     B.he was a friend of them

                  C.he had lived much longer than most people·  D.he had married three times

                  2. Green thought that was the most important to life.

                  A.his third wife· B.glad      C.happiness·    D.smoking

                  .3.Green thought his third wife helped him to live years longer.

                  A.12      B.14·  C.16·    D.18

                  4.The writer wants to tell us

                  A.drinking a great deal is good for our health

                  B.drinking within a limit is helpful

                  C.smoking and drinking are indispensable to good health

                  D.we should quit smoking or drinking.

                  5.The best title for this passage is

                  A.Drinking and Smoking· B.The Secret of a Long Life  

                  C.Happiness in Life·      D.Astonished Reporters


                  1.      我十點以后才有空。


                  2.      歡迎你們參觀我們的大學。


                  3.      李偉想明年結婚。


                  4.      你可不要說話不算數。


                  5.      我們他相處得很好。



                  After I finished the school this year, I began1.·  1.·   

                  to look fir work. Now several month later, I still·   2.·   

                  hadn’t found the job that I was interested. Last Sunday    3.·   

                  morning I received a phone call from a man calling him    4.·   

                  Mr Smith. He said to me on the phone, “I hear that you do  5.·   

                  very well in your studies. I may have a job for you.”· 6.·   

                  I entered his office with a beaten heart. How I hoped· 7.·   

                  that I will go through the job-hunting talk today and he     8.·   

                  would take me on as a lab assistant. But to my surprised     9.·  

                  what he said disappointing. He only needed a model.· 10.·  




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