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                1. 高一期末英语听力试题

                  英语试题 时间:2013-01-10 我要投稿
                  【www.zlmi.tw - 英语试题】



                  1. realize A. seat B. weather C. break D. real

                  2. clothes A. think B. there C. through D. thank

                  3. usual A. suffer B. upset C. museum D. shut

                  4. exercise A. explain B. example C. extra D. except

                  5. occur A. ocean B. opposite C. official D. offer



                  W: 6

                  M: Yes, he has. He sold it last week.

                  W: Has he moved into his new house yet?

                  M: No, not yet. He’s still here. 7

                  W: When? Tomorrow morning?

                  M: No, tomorrow afternoon. I shall miss him. 8

                  W: He’s a very nice person. 9

                  M: When will the new people move into his house?

                  W: I think they will move in the day after tomorrow.

                  M: Poor Mr. West! 10

                  W: No, he didn’t want to, but his wife did.

                  A. He’s always a good neighbor.