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                1. 趙薇涉嫌擾亂市場案進行首次庭審


                  時間:2018-09-22 英語閱讀
                  Actress Zhao Wei has appeared as a defendant1 for alleged2 market violations3 in hearing held by a Hangzhou court on Wednesday, reports zjol.com.cn.   本周三,女演員趙薇涉嫌擾亂市場規則在杭州某法院出庭受審。   The hearing, where Zhao sent attorneys on her behalf, is said to be the first among a series to have the actress listed as a joint4 defendant.   Zhao has been involved in a class-action over her alleged disclosure of misleading information linked to an unsuccessful takeover deal in 2016.   According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Zhao's company attempted to acquire a listed company using a shell entity5, and made announcements that were allegedly misleading to the market and investors6, thus harming market equality, transparency, and investors' sentiments and confidence in the securities market.   Zhao, along with her husband Huang Youlong, have been banned by the CSRC from China's securities markets for five years, while the company that Zhao had targeted, namely Zhejiang Sunriver Culture (formerly known as Zhejiang Wanjia), announced on September 14, 2018, that it faces over 400 related lawsuits7 with investors seeking over 50 million yuan in compensation.   It is reported that some of these cases already have Zhao Wei among the defendants8 list, and that more investors may add the actress as a co-defendant.