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                1. 故宮博物院設立母嬰室


                  時間:2018-09-22 英語閱讀
                  China's renowned1 palace complex the Forbidden City or the Palace Museum in central Beijing formally opened its first-ever baby caring rooms for visitors on Wednesday.   中國著名宮殿群紫禁城(故宮博物院)周三正式設立首個母嬰室。

                      The baby-friendly facility consists of three private breastfeeding rooms, mother-and-baby toilet and a baby-themed souvenir shop with female staff members providing necessary services for visitors. The facility is located at the west side of the square near the Gate of Heavenly Purity, the main gate of the Inner Court of the Palace Museum.   Inside, the rooms are full of decorations with cartoon images of China's traditional ancient divine animals, there are bottle warmers, booster seats as well as baby changing stations available in the room. The courtyard besides the facility is also equipped with a slide for children to play.   Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum said considering the inconvenience of many mothers who take their babies to visit the palace museum, they reduced their business scope and set up the baby caring room to cater2 to the need of the visitors.   So far, nearly 300 mothers have benefited from the service.