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                1. 美團點評在香港股票交易所上市


                  時間:2018-09-22 英語閱讀
                  Chinese service giant Meituan Dianping debuted1 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Thursday.   美團點評周四在香港股票交易所上市。   The company priced its shares at 69 Hong Kong dollars (8.85 U.S. dollars). It aimed to raise 4.9 billion U.S. dollars in the listing and bring its value to 53.4 billion U.S. dollars.   The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in April announced new rules to allow companies with dual-class shareholding2 structures and biotech firms with no revenue to apply for listing to attract innovative3 firms.   Meituan was founded in 2010 to provide group-buying services, and five years later it merged4 with Dianping which allows users to provide reviews of restaurants and other services.   Shares of Meituan Dianping rose nearly 6 percent to 72.85 Hong Kong dollars at the end of the morning trade, while the Hang Seng Index went down 0.02 percent.